Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why should we do yoga ?????????????????

Why should we do yoga ???


We , the Humans , are living based on our Body, Mind and the dependence of Spirit. We are based on their dependence and we are living on its basis.

Even if it there is a Minor damage in the body, it hurts the mind also. Thus the hurt in the mind becomes a leading cause of damage to the body.

Also Soul is one thing which we cannot know it easily.

Although we did not go so far to know about the soul, it becomes the very necessity for each human who lives in this world to adapt the Body and the mind.

It is very rare thing to find out the Human who are not interested in their own welfare
Also, mind becomes one of the reason to many diseases existing in this period

When compared to the life of the People who lived in the last century the life of Existing humans is very low. 

The reason for this is that the external factors such as Mixing of chemicals in food products, changes in diet, climate change is subjected to affect us.

We can correct gradually the Body, Mind and in the end we can find out the Soul present inside us is God

Hence we have to do Yoga to live well.