Monday, February 12, 2018

Philosophies of OM mantra


        We had seen the contents of OM in our 5W & 1H posts earlier…were we have mentioned upon the combination of sounds namely Ah Uoh Ma (, , ம) sourcing the eternal divine voice of GOD…..OM. When it comes to define its philosophy, it warrants us to explain every individuals sounds philosophy prevailing in it….
      Philosophies which falls within Ah Uoh Ma (, , ம) given in below tabulation for better understanding.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

ALL ABOUT OM MANTRA....................3

5W & 1H of OM continued...

Let us witness the 1H factor of OM in this edition

Here comes the explanation upon HOW is OM !

              In General Om is written as a mixture Ah, Uoh, Ma (அ, உ, ம), however when expanded on pronunciation, it splits as Uoh, Ah & Mn (உ அ ம் = ஓம்). One can think it is a new info, yes we see & realise new forms of Om now & then. Upanishads tells letter Uoh (உ) as first one. Because which, we write as Uoh (உ) before we start to write anything.