Friday, October 29, 2010

OM - The best of manthraas


This one article is not enough to tell the excellence of 
 If thousands of articles was published also the excellence of OM cannot be measured 

Even though in this world , it has to be proved scientifically then only it can be accepted by people

 In the same manner , Western scientists research experts also experimented the OM 

The results and effects came like this...........

These were Published in the research article written by   
Dr. Hebert bension

The research article was published in Doctors association meeting held at Boston

While saying the sound of Om (Pranava mantra ) with mind concentration repeatedly the 

benefits (effects) which happens due to the waves changes in mind gives more benefits than  thebenefits of high priced tablets.

It prevents the speread of Aids disease

For those without baby, this removes their inhability and helps to produce baby

Relaxation response happens 

The changes which happens  due to the Manthraas and Prayers  

The speed of the breath becomes lesser 

It less the Mind waves 

As the relaxation of mind happens the needs of Opreation becomes step by step less and  lessons the need of taking medicines. The persons going to Hospitals are reduced by 36%

(proof - Hindu Newspaper Article 7/12/1995)

Monday, August 2, 2010

(Yogasanam ) Best Important Benefits obtained by doing Physical body exercise

(Yogasanam ) Best Important Benefits obtained by doing Physical body exercise

Can prevent from getting bigger, small disease.

Can keep the disease obtained in control

The enthusiasm ( Brisk) gets increases. Body health increases.

All the body regions (like Nerves, Blood flow, digestion etc) gets well

Can be young. Strength gets increased

Immunity strength gets increased. Metabolism becomes good.

Gets mind strength. Can remove the mind stress

Will get good rest for brain, Heart. Can increase its skill

Can increase the life period.

Can increase the memory level

Can keep the body beautifully

Can increase the masculine

Can destroy the tiredness, fatigue

Can remove the anger, fear

Can control or completely destroy the below given disease. 

Diabetes, Blood pressure, Heart disease, Aasthma, Sinus, Spontilodius, Sleepless, obesity, Back pain, Fits, Headache and Neck pain, Backbone and Joint pain, Menstural problems, uterus problems, problem related to stomach and other diseases.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

About Shri Pathanjali Maharishi (Father of yoga)

Maharishi Pathanjali lived before 6000 years in the period of Vyaasar


               The Historical news says that He was Shri Lakshmanar in Ramayanam

He was Shri Balaramar in Mahabaratham

He was also Shri Ramanujar


He was Adhishesan. He is one among the line of 18 Siddhars. His Jeeva Samathi is at Rameshwaram.

He had written many books like YOGASUTHRAM for mind, an Ayurveda novel called as SARAGAM for the body , VYAAKRANA PAASHYAM for the sound

( SPEECH) .Also his notable books includes, TAMIL AAIYVU, YOGA MUTHIRAI, BARATHAM, VAANA SAASTHIRAM.  Also he had written song called ‘SWARNAPATHINI” which depicts about LORD SHIVA
His Birth month is in PANGUNI (Tamil month) , Nakshatra is MOOLAM , His life era is for about 5 Yugaas, 10 Days. He is the person who saw the great dance of Lord at Thillai and Madurai with Vyaagra paathar.

He acts as a bridge connecting the Saiva religion and vainava religion.

The day ( 5-4-2010) is the birthday of sri maharishipathanjali this short note about him is presented in the blogspot as a religious gift to the readers.