Friday, October 29, 2010

OM - The best of manthraas


This one article is not enough to tell the excellence of 
 If thousands of articles was published also the excellence of OM cannot be measured 

Even though in this world , it has to be proved scientifically then only it can be accepted by people

 In the same manner , Western scientists research experts also experimented the OM 

The results and effects came like this...........

These were Published in the research article written by   
Dr. Hebert bension

The research article was published in Doctors association meeting held at Boston

While saying the sound of Om (Pranava mantra ) with mind concentration repeatedly the 

benefits (effects) which happens due to the waves changes in mind gives more benefits than  thebenefits of high priced tablets.

It prevents the speread of Aids disease

For those without baby, this removes their inhability and helps to produce baby

Relaxation response happens 

The changes which happens  due to the Manthraas and Prayers  

The speed of the breath becomes lesser 

It less the Mind waves 

As the relaxation of mind happens the needs of Opreation becomes step by step less and  lessons the need of taking medicines. The persons going to Hospitals are reduced by 36%

(proof - Hindu Newspaper Article 7/12/1995)


  1. Good Topic to share.
    Thanks for more information about Om Sutra.


  2. You well defined the word 'OM'. In yoga ashram, yogis told me about this word. It has really numerous of benefits. This word is included in every Mantra. This word brings good energy to us.