Monday, February 12, 2018

Philosophies of OM mantra


        We had seen the contents of OM in our 5W & 1H posts earlier…were we have mentioned upon the combination of sounds namely Ah Uoh Ma (, , ம) sourcing the eternal divine voice of GOD…..OM. When it comes to define its philosophy, it warrants us to explain every individuals sounds philosophy prevailing in it….
      Philosophies which falls within Ah Uoh Ma (, , ம) given in below tabulation for better understanding.

 Finally few insights of Om


      We all are not quite sure whether Om is only a word/mantra of hindus, whereas it is actually not owned/belonging to any religion, race. Being Om, the name of almighty it is common a sound/word for all people & living beings upon earth. 

       One who pratices, stick in penace of pranava voice OM, he/she gets heal from all ways of sorrows (upon our commitments, earnings, children, food, shelter, future). Because pronoucing Om awakens the god within everyone, it triggers the undistracted/complete concentration upon god, thus making us nullify our worries upon common requirements of day today life. As these requirement gets fulfilled by the way of karmas in fate automatically, for which we perform our day today duties alone and stick our body & mind towards god.

         For example when we ater the word car, the mind imagines the car which is already registered/stored in our will (subconsious mind) and even it gives us the pleasure feel of traveling in it, if the one has already had a journey in it. Likewise the Om gives the imagination of GOD within and paves the path to reach almighty's eternal happiness, feel the pleasure of being with god.

      However this eternal feeling florishes only when one who penances, crush the feeling called Iam(நான்-Naan), which call the ego within once actions. In specfic the understanding of Iam is actually not him, he is made for others and his requirement as Iam is only the performance of good actions i.e., penace of OM, all other actions what he does is only ment for others (cooking, building a house, earnings, savings, spending time with family &friends). 

     Hence one has to come of the feeling called Iam to get rid of all his sorrow towards commitments & stay tunned with GOD by penacing OM wherever, whenever possible in this busy world.
May GOD almighty bliss with all power of his mantra OM to everyone who practices to catch hold of it.

    With best wishes from SWARTHAM SATH SANG of Meenakshi Desh ....though there are quite a lot of spiritual people talk about OM in different formats.....uniqueness of OM can be felt only upon realisation !!!


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